Celebrating the beauty and diversity of ALL women

We provide a Bespoke Personal Styling Concierge Service tailored for your needs. It is no ordinary service as we feel that it is important to treat you as an individual, one size does not fit all, embrace your personality and love your flaws. Being different is what makes you unique. We’ll boost your confidence and you’ll be able to wear things you wouldn’t even think you could. Style is re-invention, mixing and matching. It is not about age… Fashion… or expensive clothing Read More…

Tall Women

Ladies, being tall should not hamper your style. You are unique, gorgeous and should dress to suit your proportions. Tall ladies, you should be proud of your height. Do you ever see a 5ft 5in runway model? The answer is “No!” The top models are tall and most girls can’t even consider a modelling career if they’re under 5 ft 9″. You may not be ‘waif like’ but you are still gorgeous. Always remember ‘God made you tall so that men can look up at you’.

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Concierge Services

In today’s busy world we wear several different hats, between running a business, being an executive, juggling errands and family and many of us often find that we start to lose sight of ourselves. Clothes4real women.com offers a concierge service for busy professionals/business people who neither have the time nor inclination to shop. Many fear shopping; just the thought of clothes shopping sends shivers down their spine.

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Styling Tips

What’s the difference between a style and a trend? Trends are the latest fashions and Style is the latest creations. The trends should absolutely fit our personal style. But first you need to decide what style you have, so you can wear the trends well, because if these don’t fit to your personal style, than the result will be a mess.

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GoddessofGlamourSeeing to many sistas that look like that have fallen in to a vat of foundation. Looking like a clown. Less is more=beauty1 week agoReply
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Shopping with Vivienne was also a different experience. I was dreading the day thinking I would come home exhausted and stressed but I was very surprised.

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